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Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors

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http://www.qualifiedintermediary.net Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors are a qualified intermediary company that focuses on 1031 exchanges.  We carry all the required licensed, insured and Bonded and have never had claim or complaint against any of those items.Dr. Hetsler, the Qualified Intermediary, and in addition to being a licensed CPA, having a law degree being a Certified Business Valuator and several other national designations, he is also a licensed real-estate agent which allows him to receive referral commission to those clients that need assistance in identifying and purchasing real estate nationwide.  The benefits the 1031 Exchange clients in that if they utilize an agent in Dr. Hetsler's preferred network, which includes at a minimum of one in every city within the United States, they also receive a financial benefit in a rebate at the closing that, depending on the value of the property being purchased could be as much as the entire amount paid for the qualified intermediary company fee paid for the 1031 Exchange.

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